Thank you, Past Me

I don’t know if you’re like me, but I don’t remember half of the things I say. Well, that’s the feeling I get from talking to my wife.

The worst is when I’ll have been talking with Amy (my wife) and have expressed a really strong opinion about something. We’ll be heading towards a meeting and I’ll be adamant that this is the way it should be done.

And then we get to the meeting the next day and I express the complete opposite opinion. Sometimes even the polar opposite! And as the words come out of my mouth, Amy will watch in amazement.

I’m not sure why it happens, I don’t mean for it to! I must just keep processing my thoughts and cooking them over. And when the oven door of my brain opens, out pops a tray of SURPRISE!


Sometimes, Past James isn’t too helpful. But sometimes he is. There’s the odd moment where I stumble upon something I’ve set in motion and think to myself, clever girl. The similarities between myself and a velociraptor may stop there though.

Being a person who forgets what he does and says is actually kind of fun. It can feel like I’m trailing behind the wake of a bumbling but well-meaning creature, either benefitting or not from what he’s said or done.

Maybe I should remember more of what I say and do – but I don’t think it’s that bad? It’s not like a drunken rampage that ends up with me stealing Mike Tyson’s pet tiger. At the end of the day, I often get to benefit from the things I’ve set in motion earlier on.

So I say, thank you, Past James. Thank you for all of the good things you tried to say and do. Your good choices, thoughtfulness and bravery make way for good things now and in the future.

Whether you are forgetful like me or not, what you do today and tomorrow set you a foundation for what you’re going to build on in a week, a month, maybe for years! Don’t undervalue the little things you can do and say now.

And when you look back on the trail of destruction your past self has made, may you be able to say, ‘thank you, Past Me’ and not be picking up the pieces of regret.

If your past self has dealt you a bum hand, don’t throw it all away. If anything, God can turn the worst stuff for good.

And remember this:


Present You is Future You’s Past You.

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