Testing, testing.. one.. two…

Welcome to my blog, I hope you enjoy it here and that you get something out of it! I’m up for feedback and making it better/more useful.

I plan to write about the things I get passionate about – mostly games and God. It might be the case that one of the two is currently a big turn-off but I ask that you remain open-minded and stick with it.

I’m a Christian who’s been (pretty much) wholeheartedly following Jesus for about 13 years (on and off). In recent years, my faith has exploded and I’ve actually dedicated my life to spreading the word and helping people to question and get closer to God.

However, the longer and more consistent devotion in my life has been games. First stupid made up games with my brother and friends, then video games and, most recently, board games. Pretty much any kind of games really. Maybe less of the kind where I have to run around though.

Love it!

Are you still reading? Much appreciated.

Then let’s get cracking!

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