Prototype dice – a fist full of bubbles

The way we understand board games has exploded in recent years! I love the variety of styles and themes and mechanisms you can see around. Who would have expected how popular they would become!

There are now shops dedicated to board games, such as Patriot Games in Sheffield – with walls and shelves packed with colourful and beautifully decorated boxes. There are board game cafes popping up – but then again, there are cat cafes now too…

And crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter have opened up the floodgates to vast numbers of small, often first time, game designers and companies. The boardgamerenaissance is here! With hit games with exploding kittens,games that fit in mint tins(check out the sequel Mint Delivery that I am backing!) and even games about space that I enjoy, Kickstarter has given my love for games a great shot of adrenaline!

After an unexpected but very welcome holiday to Zakynthos with my wife, Amy, I had an idea for a game on the flight home. I absolutely love snorkelling and throughout the holiday kept diving down to find treasure to give her. Unfortunately all I found was a pink hair bobble.

However, it was enough to get my cogs whirring! A game where you snorkel for treasure and push your luck to see how far you can go. By the time I got home, I had sorted the mechanism, the way the game would work, and had jotted pages down. Spreadsheets were made and numbers were crunched (who knew that Maths degree might be useful!)

All that was needed was a prototype to test. I drew out 54 cards on sliced up card and scratched my head as to how to make 9 custom dice.

Amy loves to do pyrography so we ordered a batch of moth repellent cedar cubes (we somehow got 48). We drew them out in pencil, then Amy burned the design onto them beautifully!

The cubes were originally quite strong smelling but chilled out since. They’re quite large and some people find it difficult to roll all 9 at once, but we’ve made our own dice! So good!

Bubbles, flippers, sharks, fish.. no moths.

We’re currently on our way to a board games and bible holiday in France – Spring Harvest. I’ve never been before and am excited to meet some new board game friends and to chill out.

I imagine Amy will chill by the pool whilst I play new board games. I wonder how many books she will finish…

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