Keeping on keeping on

I find the way different people work to be fascinating!  I will often dream up big ideas easily but it’s a whole different kettle of fish making them happen.

I’m glad to work with my wife, Amy.  She is an Implementer and Completer Finisher – somebody you would want for organising a project and seeing it through to the end!

I on the other hand, am a bit more of a Plant and Monitor Evaluator.  I think outside the box and will suss out ideas and plans quite easily.

These titles are roles that I found in the Belbin Team Roles.  It’s all very interesting!  I’d heard Amy be called a Completer Finisher before, but didn’t know where it had come from.  Immediately, I wanted to know what I tend to lean towards!

Thank you BBC Bitesize for this lovely diagram!

The reason I talk about Plants, Implementers and all that jazz is that I can often find myself beginning projects and then finding it ridiculously hard to see them through to the end.

Maybe I find it difficult to complete making ideas real because it’s hard work to finish a project, but sometimes it’s because I get distracted!  There are so many shiny things that go on in life.  And new ideas to explore!

One of the things that I know can hold me back is discouragement – and I know that it shouldn’t.  Working on ideas when there are so many other people doing the same can get me comparing myself with others.  Even when I’m secure in myself, it can be a test of grit to (sometimes publicly) create things.

The desire in itself to see my Dive board game completed has put the pressure on in itself!  Because I want to see it real, I know there are certain things that need doing – a written rule book, art drawn for cards – and this, in a strange way, leaves me feeling a kind of pressure.  Even though there are no ogres waiting to club me on the head if I don’t deliver!

I imagine that this is where writer’s block comes from.  The feeling that you need to create – and, even though you can, struggling to do so.

So my quest for today is to create a single card.  Today I will make a draft for the Big Momma Pearl.

Thanks for reading – I really appreciate the support!  Seeing a project through to completion is not my forte, but with the help and support of others, I know that we can do it!

I’ll leave you with my favourite Yoda bible verse, Romans 3:3-5.

For those who don’t know, a Yoda bible verse is one that needs to be read in his voice.

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