First of a set

Trucking away here… I’ve had a go at doing some more art for the board game, Dive.

The Flip Flop is actually the first set card that I’ve drawn up.  Each set card will have a little bit more information on it and will have an easily recognisable border.  The Beach Beauty Set currently has four items in it  –  all with cream and pink stripes.

The questions I asked as I drew this were around what to do when an item isn’t all that exciting in itself.  There’s not too much interesting about a flip flop!  I gave it more space on the card and drew it on light sand as it is quite a shallow item.

What started as simple scribbled pencil crayons becomes a lot more involved when ‘painted’.  The hand drawn cards have a bit of charm to them, but if you opened up a brand new board game to see them, you might not be too impressed!

The original prototype flip flop

The new card design is a lot more grown up looking.  Even over drawing three cards, my style has slightly shifted since the Bucket.  The edges are less crisp and the colours slightly more subdued.  I wonder if I will need to revisit the Bucket by the end of drawing 52 cards!

The new Flip Flop

Once again, don’t think too much into the font/writing colours.  They’re just placeholders at the moment.

It may just be because there’s always more tweaking to do, but I feel like the base of the seaweed needs looking at and that the picture could do with a little more depth.  This is something that I am becoming more aware of working with layers.  Each part of the image (flip flop, seaweed, rocks, fish, sand etc.) are separate layers on the canvas.  Imagine a pile of separate acetates on top of each other.

Whilst this means I can work on one part of the image at a time, this also can leave it looking slightly disjointed.  If I was using a single layer with real paint, the different components would affect each other and potentially even get a little muddied.  To improve this, I would add a little shadow.

In fact, I’ll have a quick go at that now and you can let me know what you think of the difference!

And changed font colours!
Flip Flop with more depth

Perhaps the sand is a little messy!  If you zoom in, you might be able to see that I diffused the seaweed into the sand a little more.  It stops the layers looking too separate.  I had a quick mess around with the font colours too.

What do you think?  Thanks for letting me know!

4 thoughts on “First of a set

  1. Think the second one looks so good, really like the colour of the font too. You’re doing a great job, keep going!

  2. Good idea adding shadow it ‘grounds’ the seaweed and it makes the flipflop look as if it is floating down. Love the fish.

    1. Thanks Grandma! I’m glad you like it! I think I’m going to keep on tweaking different bits and bobs.

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