Bring in some colour!

At 12:30am last night, Amy and I finished putting up the fake stained glass window at Spa View Community Church. This week has been a whirlwind of building, decorating, designing and creativity – I’ve loved it!

When the church building was acquired 25 years ago, it was decorated beautifully… it’s about time that it got a refreshing inside! The curtains came down, the floor was sanded down, and the decoration started.

The pastor, Chris asked me to make some large banners to share the church’s vision – I had already been given the go-ahead to put something artistic up in the large boarded up space where the old stained glass window had been.

New paint, new banners, new art.

The church was finally complete when the congregation themselves arrived – after all, the church is the people, not the building! There was a great buzz this morning, with lots of excitement and fresh enthusiasm.

We practiced learning the vision for the church and what that means for us. Spa View Community Church: a family on a journey to know God and make Him known. The bible verse to the right complements it nicely – life in all its fullness with Jesus.

The window itself is inspired by 2 Corinthians 5:17-21, some of my favourite bible verses. It says how, in Jesus dying on the cross, God was reconciling the world to himself. God brought a messed up world back in line with his own goodness.

In the stained glass window, the pieces become less broken and jagged the closer they get to the cross, and the brighter the colours appear. The closer I pull myself to Jesus, the more fixed my life becomes, and the more vibrant my life becomes.

The window is made up of 94 pieces, all sized A3 or less. We printed them, cut them out, laminated and trimmed them and then stapled them to the board.

Amy held the ladder and I had to keep reminding her not to bounce along to the songs in her head. I’m alright with heights but did fear for my life a couple of times!

I’ve loved doing this job and all of the late nights and hard work has paid off! Thanks especially to Amy for her help and support.

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