Bienvenue to board games paradise!

In sleepy Midwest France, la VendeĆ© holds host to a relaxing and inspiring holiday programme called Spring Harvest. The penultimate week of the summer attracts a full deck of gamers – from sun-seeking shufflers to hardcore dungeon crawlers.

A selection of the games brought by visiting gamers.

It’s my first time here and I’m loving it! I’ve come with Amy and a good 15 or so other friends from Sheffield.

It’s like being a kid in a sweet shop! A heated onsite pool, beautiful summer weather and French countryside, gorgeous wine, bread and cheese and – to top it off – hundreds of awesome board games and 75 other gamers to get to know and to play with.

I enjoy a good board game and with so many around, it’s hard to know where to start! We’ve played some nice light games such as Kingdomino and Patchwork but I’m looking forward to playing something a little more involved!

We’ve spent some time each day enjoying the local area, eating BBQ and spending time in the pool. Being here has made me more aware of what I prioritise. Whilst I love board games, I also love spending time with my wife and friends doing other things. I thought I would have gamed a lot more but in no way feel like I have lost out.

It’s brilliant to gather friends new and old around a board game to have a laugh and get to know each other in a different way.

Whether playing cooperatively to save the world from disease, filling some time with a light bite of sushi, getting paranoid about a potential traitor in your midst or mercilessly eradicate your opponents, board games are a great leveller, often showing a different side of people and offer some incredible moments and shared experiences.

Here’s to a great week of getting to know new people, friends and good times!

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