Old ink and brush work

I’d love to share with you some of my work from a few years ago, when I had a go at painting with ink and brush.  When I lived on the Isle of Man, I was asked to draw a few Bible heroes and decided to experiment with my newest tools. Firstly, Indian ink smells […]

Can doing good get you into Heaven?

So, I’ve been studying my Bible.  I’m talking on 12th Nov about John 3  –  awesome! However, what caught my eye and got me thinking were some verses in John 5.  ‘Where on earth does this fit in with modern Church teaching?’ I thought to myself. Jesus talks about how dead people will be judged.  People […]

First of a set

Trucking away here… I’ve had a go at doing some more art for the board game, Dive. The Flip Flop is actually the first set card that I’ve drawn up.  Each set card will have a little bit more information on it and will have an easily recognisable border.  The Beach Beauty Set currently has four items in it  –  […]

The Bucket and the Big Momma Pearl

This post needs your feedback!  My prototype of the game Dive works nicely and we’re working to create a pretty one.  The game revolves around taking a deep breath and diving down to collect underwater treasures.  I’ve finally drafted up my second item, the Big Momma Pearl. I’ve been using the tools I already have – Corel Painter […]

Keeping on keeping on

I find the way different people work to be fascinating!  I will often dream up big ideas easily but it’s a whole different kettle of fish making them happen. I’m glad to work with my wife, Amy.  She is an Implementer and Completer Finisher – somebody you would want for organising a project and seeing it through to the […]

Bienvenue to board games paradise!

In sleepy Midwest France, la Vendeé holds host to a relaxing and inspiring holiday programme called Spring Harvest. The penultimate week of the summer attracts a full deck of gamers – from sun-seeking shufflers to hardcore dungeon crawlers. A selection of the games brought by visiting gamers. It’s my first time here and I’m loving […]

Bring in some colour!

At 12:30am last night, Amy and I finished putting up the fake stained glass window at Spa View Community Church. This week has been a whirlwind of building, decorating, designing and creativity – I’ve loved it! When the church building was acquired 25 years ago, it was decorated beautifully… it’s about time that it got […]

Thank you, Past Me

I don’t know if you’re like me, but I don’t remember half of the things I say. Well, that’s the feeling I get from talking to my wife. The worst is when I’ll have been talking with Amy (my wife) and have expressed a really strong opinion about something. We’ll be heading towards a meeting […]